Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Ode to a Lost Brother

This is the poem I wrote for my mustache and read to you this morning.

An Ode to a Lost Brother
I know your in a better place.
I just wish you were still here
Resting upon my face.

It was nice to have a friend just beneath my nose
I am honored to sing your praises
With this heartfelt prose

Sweet mustache, you will be missed.
By all except my wife Sally
Whom you made pissed.

You were the coolest handlebar in town.
It looked like even when I smiled
I wore a frown.

You made look like meaner than I really am.
Some people feared me.
It was a brilliant scam.

Kick ass mustache I bid farewell
Without you my upper lip is cold
And I am in a personal hell

Goodbye bad ass facial hair
I thought you freakin' rocked
Even though Taylor said you made me look like a gay bear.