Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Unfortunate Fate of Miss Tracey Early

How beautiful is our friend Tracey Early from News 14 Carolina? One of the hottest news women in the Triangle, right?
She is a lot of fun to hang out with, but let's not forget she is a professional. So, we had to wonder just what the hell she was thinking when we saw her spread in the new issue of Social: The Magazine.

In case you can't see that horrifying image well enough there, let's blow it up for you.There's no nice way to say it. Tracey, you screwed up. Look for Tracey's new hard hitting feature "Always Get the Money Up Front and Other Lessons I Learned on the Street" all this week on News 14 Carolina!

Sorry Tracey. We still love you, just please get yourself tested before you come by to say hello.