Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That is What 370 Pounds Looks Like

I know what many of you are thinking. "How did Salt & D get away with posting that topless photo of Miss Cleo?"

Unfortunately, that is not a pudgy, Jamaican psychic. That's not even a woman! That is Terrence Cody of my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. He, like many other draft-eligible college football stars, is in Mobile, AL this week for the Senior Bowl. And, like all college football all star games, the Senior Bowl begins its week of festivities with all of the players weighing in.

It did not go well for Terrence "Mount" Cody. As one scout said "That's not a pretty 370." If you scroll down and look at the picture without seeing his head, Cody's man boobs and belly button look just as surprised as everyone else that the scale only says 370.

Here are a quick list of my favorite jokes for this picture.

1. Things have gone horribly wrong for Ziggy Marley.
2. In my fantasy Aunt Jamima was not only topless, but also holding pancakes.
3. Weensie from Old School gets ready to hit the beach on his Caribbean vacation.
4. The Jamaican bobsled team will have an unfair advantage this year.