Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Salt & D's One Shining Moment Contest

Listen to this!

Nothing says "National Championship" like the sweet sounds of Teddy P. So, why is CBS ditching the classic version of "One Shining Moment" for something new?

We have no idea, but Salt & I figured since CBS is going to ruin the end of the Tournament anyway, we may as well give you a chance to be the culprit. This is your chance to re-record the classic "One Shining Moment."

Need some help? No worries. Click here to get the lyrics.

So what are we looking for exactly? Well, we have no idea. We want you to create your own, unique version of "One Shining Moment." You can play it on a guitar, piano, a kazoo - it doesn't matter! Hell, you can even throw on some tights and do a Shakespeare like dramatic reading. Just be sure to film it and upload it to You Tube or record it and send us the file. After you've created your masterpiece send it to us at mornings@96rockwebmail.com.

Don't let Teddy P down!

Give us your best effort. There is a kick ass mystery prize in it for you.