Thursday, June 24, 2010

The NBA Draft Drinking Game 2.0

Many of you are asking for it, so hear it is - the rules (straight from Fancy Nuts himself) for the NBA Draft Drinking Game 2.0!

The Inaugural Gary Coleman-Manute-Bol Remember the Little People and the Big People Memorial 2010 NBA Draft Drinking Game

Timeless Single Shots

· 1 shot in honor of tonight’s ignominious (SAT prep word) broadcast crew: Stuart “Left Eye” Scott, Jon “Marvin Bush” Barry, Jeff “I Was Fantastic in Adams Family Reunion” Van Gundy, and “Long” Jay Bilas

· “Long” Jay Bilas uses any of the following phrases:

o Explosion Ability

o Upside

o Potential

o Upside Potential

o Tremendous Upside Potential, with Topside

· Any of the following terms/phrases are used:

o Passes the eyeball test

o Measurables

o “Feel for the Game”

o Heady

o “Ball Skills”

· Dress Code Drinks:

o If a player wears a tacky wedding bowtie (see Karl Malone)

o If the player wears a B.I.G. tophat (Samaki Walker)

  • For every illegitimate child at a player’s table
  • Anytime a random uninvited Euro emerges out of the stands and walks onto the stage, making David Stern exceedingly uncomfortable

· Dick Vitale screams for more than 10 seconds without breathing, while wearing a blood red shirt – Scream “Satan!” and drink

Honorary Manute Bol Double Shots

· Any time “the LeBron James sweepstakes” is mentioned

· Any time the cryptic (and certainly homeless) “World Wide Wes” is described as “the most powerful man in sports”

· Every time Jon Scheyer is described as heady, then claim racism

· Every time they show the Gordon Hayward shot vs. Duke and say “that shot’s still in the air, right?”

· If the sound of a vuvuzela breaks out


· If Bilas uses the phrase “long and heady with great ball skills and tremendous upside potential”