Friday, September 17, 2010

Even Hypocrites Have an Opinion of Ines Sainz

You remember NFL Weiner Watch 2010, right?

Well, the woman that allegedly received the pictures of Brett Favre that started that whole hullabaloo has an opinion of Ines Sainz - the woman that says she was sexually harassed by the New York Jets.

Now granted, Ines doesn't exactly dress conservatively on the sidelines...

All I'm saying is maybe Jenn Sterger isn't the one to offer an opinion on this situation. Afterall, she got her start by wearing very little clothing to a Florida State game.

Besides, Jenn maybe a little too biased to speak fairly on this subject. I give you exhibit A.

Look at that shirt! Come to think of it, look at what is under that shirt! My goodness, what a lovely young woman. She looks smart.