Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salt & Demetri's Fair Guide

Loves the magic of the Fair. I didn't know such a thing existed, but he says you can't miss Michelle's Magical Poodles. She seems lovely enough...as lovely as someone who spends her time traveling to state fairs all across the country in a van full of poodles can be.

Salt also says that you gotta see Steve Trash, the Eco Magician. Steve Trash looks just like my Uncle Bob. Also, I am not sure what an "eco magician" is exactly. I am going to assume it is all about recycling, which I can tell you with absolute certainty is not magic!

I am sure Steve and Michelle are lovely people. Let's face it though, a carny magician in still just a carny. And carnies are weird, creepy people that often have several warrants.

And I am going to assume several Warrant albums. Don't you want to be these guys' cherry pie?