Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Couple Has to be From the Triangle, Right?

Our buddies at posted a very funny and provocative video today that was taken at the new Cowboys Stadium during Dallas' Monday night loss to the New York Giants a few weeks back.

First of all, Cowboys fans everywhere should thank this young woman. Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and the rest of the team have given them very little to cheer about. But that's not the point! Did you notice something interesting that the girl had on?

Aside from the snow leopard print bra, of course.

She is wearing a t-shirt celebrating the ECU/NC State rivalry! Look, I don't want to piss off fans of those schools, but no one outside of the state of North Carolina cares about that game. You could even argue that no one west of Durham really cares about that game. Logic tells you then, that the couple must be from this area!

Do you know who these people are? If so, let us know. We want to get in touch with them!